The 10-Day Challenge

The 10-Day Challenge - TV and videogame free- is offered to schools where parents and staff join efforts to motivate student in reducing TV and videogames. Over 25 schools have experienced it with amazing discoveries for children and teens. TV requires 25 hours of their time each week. When TV is neutralized, kids discover another life, members of the family come closer and communicate (parents actually spend 38 minutes per week speaking with their children). The 10Day Challenge brings the community closer to school. It is a great exercise of responsible consumption, mental health and social mobization. It makes verbal and physical go down, and …OBESITY as well. Want to try ? You’ll be impressed !

 Steps to follow to participate to the 10 day Challenge

  1. Étapes à suivre (translation currently underway)
  2. Form to be completed to participate
  3. Lettre aux élèves (translation currently underway)
  4. Lettre aux parents (translation currently underway)
  5. Letter to Community Organizations
  6. Formulaire d'engagement (translation currently underway)
  7. Favorite activities
  8. Timetable to keep track of our activities
  9. Écoles participantes (translation currently underway)
  10. Bilan/dévoilement des résultats (translation currently underway)
  11. Evaluate the 10Day Challenge:
    Evaluation Form for Students
    Evaluation Form for the Staff
    Evaluation Form for Parents
  12. Mon livre de bord (My Log Book-French version only)

La vidéo du défi